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animas valley overview.jpg

A portion of the Animas Valley from Missionary Ridge... Our farm is on the edge of the valley floor about 1/3 of the way from the left side of the image.

Buckwheat cover crop.jpg
winter ice in trees.jpg

The Valley views can be breathtaking in the winter!

winter rutabagas.jpg

Winter Rutabagas!

Getting ready to mow down our summer buckwheat cover crop before planting our fall and winter crops under low hoops.

spring kale.jpg

Claytonia- a mid-winter salad treat :)

Spring Kale

HH winter crops dec 2021.jpg

Winter crops in the Hoophouse- broccoli in front, then brassica mix for mesclun and lettuce mix nearest the wall.

gooseberry blossoms.jpg
starburst carrots.jpg

Fall carrots! 


Chloe the barn cat- she prefers hay to her cat bed!

Gooseberry Blossoms

Willie, our English Shepherd/ Farm Collie mix herding and companion dog.  

Willie at 9 months.jpg
san michele cabbage.jpg

This is 'San Michele'- a beautiful Italian cabbage variety that does very well here.


IEggplants, peppers, tomatoes and basil grow well in our hoophouse during our short summer season.

We grow locally adapted heirloom tomatoes in our hoophouse.

heirloom tomatoes.jpg

We include a variety of flowers and herbs along with our perennials- this diversity increases the number and variety of microbes that live in our soil.

steaming compost.jpg

We make our own compost from garden debris, barn hay and manure; it plays an important part in maintaining our soil fertility

black eyed susans.jpg

Our elderberries bloom here in late June and throughout July-  beautiful and fragrant!

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