animas valley overview.jpg

A portion of the Animas Valley from Missionary Ridge... Our farm is on the edge of the valley floor about 1/3 of the way from the left side of the image.

Buckwheat cover crop.jpg
winter ice in trees.jpg

The Valley views can be breathtaking in the winter!

winter rutabagas.jpg

Winter Rutabagas!

Getting ready to mow down our summer buckwheat cover crop before planting our fall and winter crops under low hoops.

spring kale.jpg

Spring Kale


Claytonia- a mid-winter salad treat :)

HH winter crops dec 2021.jpg

Winter crops in the Hoophouse- broccoli in front, then brassica mix for mesclun and lettuce mix nearest the wall.

gooseberry blossoms.jpg
starburst carrots.jpg

Fall carrots! 

Penny and Flora at milking time 2.jpg

Penny and Flora at milking time- Flora was 3 days old when this was taken.

Gooseberry Blossoms

Ellie visiting with Agnes

Ellie and Agnes.jpg
Cara and Samuel.jpg

Cara our senior English shepherd and Samuel our senior house cat snoozing.

Willie, our new English shepherd/ farm collie pup checking out Rosa the calf.

willie and rosa July 2022.jpg