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Small-scale, sustainable agriculture in the Animas Valley

After farming in Virginia for 18 years, Dean and Susan decided in late 2018 to make the big move to a 5 acre farm in Hermosa, Colorado, 8 miles North of Durango.   Throughout 2019 we worked towards establishing our farm and making it our own.  We are farming not just organically, but also biologically here, as we did in Virginia.   

It would have been much easier to make the 2,000 mile move without our two tractors, disassembled greenhouse, cow, 2 sheep, livestock guardian dog, barn cat and all of the many pieces of equipment that you need to be able to farm efficiently.  However, over the years we have become committed to sustainable farming where most of our inputs come from our farm, where our soil gains organic matter year on year, where we produce truly nutrient dense food because we farm in harmony with nature. We are committed to continue farming this way and to spread the word about how wonderful well grown food can taste. It is better for people and the process is better for the planet.

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